Waist Size is Way Off I ordered these pants in a size 28W30L. I also purchased a different pattern of the stretch cotton photographer pants. I noticed upon arrival that these pants looked very large, particularly around the waist and crotch area. I measured the actual waist, and they are a 32" waist when button, a full 4" larger than advertised. Please see the attached photo. The other pair of stretch photographer pants i ordered measured in with a 30" waist. Not quite as bad, but still clearly over-sized. September 14, 2013
No regrets on the purchase I bought the pants separately because I needed another pair for work. It fits perfectly and gives a stylish and youthful look. It's very light and comfortable. July 6, 2013
Great fit They are a great fit. I bought a size smaller for the waist and they fit perfectly. Very Comfortable. Traiasca Romania. June 29, 2013
Very nice I love the fit of the pants..true to size and I like that they fit lower on the waist. April 1, 2013
Good Fit I purchased these as well as the vest for Easter and they are both great! March 26, 2013