Great Blazer For the Unorthodox A wonderful blazer for anyone who doesn't wish to be just another person wearing a boring gray suit. Express also has a matching bow tie for this jacket, which I would suggest getting; they go together perfectly. November 29, 2013
Fits as expected, functional sleeve buttons! Fit-wise, this follows the same pattern as other photographer jackets, at least for 36S and 38S. The material is thick since it's velvet, and the paisley is striking but also subtle at the same time depending on the lighting conditions, which is pretty cool. Most interesting for me: the sleeve buttons are functional, which I've only seen on two other Express jacket that I've owned (a photographer wool suit jacket from 2011 and the old Express black producer Tuxedo jacket). This is easily a $40 job assuming there is enough material on a non functional sleeve jacket (the few I've prodded to check don't have enough material to actually get a functional sleeve anyway). So that might help increase the mental value of this jacket a bit. November 16, 2013
Best jacket ever The paisley is hard to see online but in person it is perfect November 15, 2013
GREAT it is a great cardigan, i wear it every day, i love it, i recommend this to everyone that loves express clothing. November 7, 2013
Incredible I love velvet, and I love paisley!! Amazing jacket! November 6, 2013