Awesome tie Wear this with a white shirt and ladies will love you February 7, 2013
Your New Favorite White Tie While both ties are visually appealing and very stylish, I bought the white tie to wear with my many colored 1MX shirts. The stripes that accent the tie are definitely noticeable but fade a bit depending on the angle someone is viewing you from. I've been told that my tie looks solid in design from the side and striped from straight on or at a slight angle. Regardless of how it is observed, however, everyone has complimented me on it while wearing it to work or out to dinner. It's a winner, period. January 29, 2013
very bright white. shins very nicely. make sure you dont get it wet or else it will wrinkle a little. i wore it with a baby blue slim fit shirt from express for new years. the ladies loved it! January 8, 2013
trendy classic Love the narrow ties. perfext for those of us who are slimmer. looks freat with the fitted 1mx shirts. also classy enough to wear with a suit if you need to dress up. Definately recommend. November 17, 2012
Best Tie I Own I bought this tie just to match my white suit until I realized it matches just about dress shirt I own. Very slim and elegant. Nice for the young generation. November 13, 2012