Pitch Plaid I bought this pitch black plaid tie for my boyfriend because he can wear it with white, black, or any color. He liked the material and the narrow width of the tie. I am so happy he likes it, sometimes he's hard to please. August 9, 2014
Good tie Good quality tie Im not the tallest guy at 5'9" and the tie dosent seem too long or short. It comes in a couple of different colors as well. May 20, 2014
Perfect for multiple colors I found myself wearing this tie frequently. It always receives compliments and goes with most colors I own (which is most of the express line). Would highly recommend! May 12, 2014
Nice Tie Modern narrow look. Tie is probably too long for its width which makes it hard to tie without using and extremely loose full Windsor. May 5, 2014
Perfect tie for many colors Excellent tie that wears well with many of my 1MX dress shirts. Looks perfect with just about every color you can imagine. The stripes are great for any light colored/grey Express dress pants. Express never disappoints! November 5, 2013