Beautiful Blue I got this tie for my BF and he loved it. Looks awesome with a purple shirt August 10, 2013
Awesome presentation, odd construction Maybe the tie construction is just of a different school than most of my other ties. Feels a bit thin, flimsy, and "silky" like the lining isn't thick enough or the surface material isn't bonded tightly. Doesn't kill this thing as a tie, and I obviously like it since I gave it 4 stars, but the construction is still noteworthy. Tying knots with this tie has a different feel to it, and you may have to finesse it more to get the look you want, but it will still work. The colors are great and the pattern is very bold. June 13, 2013
Simply a gorgeous tie This is perhaps the most beautiful tie I've ever seen. The paisley design is large enough to look sharp but not crowded/busy, and the bold colours are mixed very well. Definitely worth adding to your tie collection. June 5, 2013
Perfect for Pastels This eye- catching tie, alone, goes perfect with nearly every pastel colored dress shirt Express has to offer. A must for the upcoming spring season! February 20, 2013