Great Comfortable Dress Shirt These are some of the best dress shirts I have ever had. I was torn between the fitted and the modern fit. I am certainly not a slender guy, but not heavyset either; i wear 33-34in waist pants. The fitted shirts (size L) were a little too snug around the chest and midsection, so when I sit down they stretch at the buttons. I traded them in for these modern fit ones and love them. They are a little baggy, and the sleeves are a little long, but very comfortable and appear somewhat fitted. November 15, 2014
Best shirt! Fits really well on my body. Must buy item at express. November 10, 2014
Good fit Love the fit of the new MX1 shirts. They feel so well tailored October 29, 2014
Perfect fit Fits true-to-size. A must-have. Looks great with a suit and tie or worn casually. October 29, 2014
Need to clean out my closet now Ordered one shirt to try it out. Got the fitted because I don't like baggy shirts but it was a little to small (couldn't raise my arms). Modern fit is PERFECT though for an average sized chest. Ordered 6 more the next month...makes me want to donate all my old shirts now and just get these. I'm a big fan. October 28, 2014