Stylish cardigan I love the fit, shape, and drape of this cardigan. The best cardigan I've tried on ever, but the leather part on the sleeves looks a bit awkward and chunky. Also, I like to roll up my sleeves a lot, but the stiff leather cuffs won't allow you to do that. I didn't buy this cardigan only because of the leather sleeves. I really wish Express would make this same exact cardigan, minus the leather part!!!! September 18, 2014
Meh... The material of this sweater is super thin. The thing that didn't work for me was the length. It didn't cover my butt - it was too short. The pleather is really odd - I kind of felt very "michael jackson chic". Which isn't really my style. I wanted something edgy and fun, but this was just too weird. The front kind of just hung weird. I was hoping for a thicker/chunkier material to match the bold pleather pieces. Overall it wasn't for me. September 4, 2014
Stylish Cardigan Got this in black and LOVE it! Will definitely look great dressed up or down. Only issue I have with it is, i'm short (petite) and the sleeve length is quite long. August 27, 2014
Classic Style Happy to finally find this in the store after oogling it online for a while. Was a little concerned the material was going to be too thin, but stayed plenty warm in it when worn over a Graphic Tee and High Rise Jean Leggings. I can see wearing this for years! August 8, 2014
Best Sweater! This sweater fits true to size and is so chic. I love the leather accents and the material is so soft. I cannot wait to wear this cardigan to work or out at night. I would recommend this to anyone. Get it before it's gone :) August 7, 2014