SLEEK!!!!!! Great leather as well as the fit. Looks great with leggings and jeans! I purchased this jacket in Black really good quality. October 8, 2014
Beautiful but Perhaps not Practical I am incredibly picky when it comes to clothes and especially when it came to leather jackets, but my boyfriend got me this jacket and boy, did he hit the nail on the head. This jacket is gorgeous, without a doubt! I try to wear it every chance I get! Especially because, even though it's not real leather, it looks and feels it. It does not look cheap like many fake leather jackets do. HOWEVER, my boyfriend got this on sale for me, and I have to say, I'm glad he did, because I don't think it's worth that steep of a price. Why? Because it's impractical. The silk lining, while gorgeous and comfortable, rips and the drop of a dime. I went to put my hair up in a ponytail (not aggressively or anything like that) and the seam inside ripped. Likewise, when I was stretching my arms, the inside seam ripped near the arm as well. This is the second jacket I've gotten that had this problem so it's definitely not just one flawed jacket. It's extremely disappointing. I'm still happy with it because it's beautiful, my boyfriend didn't pay full price, and because the inside rips are only noticeable to me, but still, considering that it's already damaged after only one month? Depressing. Also, just a heads up, if you have long arms like me the sleeves may be a bit too short. Overall, great jacket looks wise and feels great. Just keep in mind that you don't always get what you pay for and it may not last long due to poor material choices. October 7, 2014
Red is really really red Love the fit and the feel of the jacket however, in the picture, the Lipstick colored jacket looks like it is a deep color of red. In person, it is bright bright red...the best way to describe it would be the "Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket" kind of red. Still not sure if I'm a fan of the brightness, so I'm trying the Oxblood colored jacket in a different style to see if that is more of the deep red I was looking for. September 26, 2014
Every color is great I have this jacket in multiple colors: brown, black, butterscotch, mauve, ivory, And added white and navy from this season. Needless to say, I love it. It looks great with a shirt and skinnies and boots but also over dresses. So versatile. If you're thinking that this might be a little pricey then I would recommend buying one of the colors you can't buy in another store- like navy:) - and save black for a forever 21 purchase or somewhere else a black faux leather jacket is sold. The fit on this is amazing though... September 18, 2014
Gorgeous and comfy! Did I need another vegan leather jacket? No. But this one, in white is simply GORGEOUS. And soft, like butter, comfortable. Plus it's vegan, so that's even better! I tried this on in the store, fell in love, and couldn't stop thinking about it. Later, I purchased online during a 40% off sale which made it a great deal. September 11, 2014