Incorrect color/look The jacket looks very nice in the picture The color looks a nice dark navy, a great alternative to black, or so I thought. What I got in the mail was very disappointing I had really high hopes for the jacket, but since it is an online exclusive I couldn't try it out in stores, although I expected the quality of in store jackets The jacket fits really nice, but it screams cheap! Cheap! I know it's not leather but it looks like freaking plastic The color is very washed out, closer to a gray blue, definitely not navy If you like the look of wearing a gray-blue trash bag then get this jacket Honestly the picture taken by my note 2 makes it look a lot better than it looks, the flash makes it look more blue, but trust me it looks really dull. December 3, 2013
very nice coat Coat fits true to size. Slimly cut. Nice details. Blue is a muted color, very nice jacket. Pleather does not smell nice though. August 9, 2013