Not Totally Blown Away I expected these to be awesome, but they are just OK. They are pretty tight in back of the knee, and I have slim legs, but they are not uncomfortable. Otherwise they fit fine. The wash is all dark and a bit plain. I wanted the fabric to be extra special, but it seems like it is just not as soft so that it can hold its shape all day, which it does. However, I much prefer regular Express jeans in the all blue wash, with that ultra soft and durable denim. Overpriced at regular retail...wait for a sale. October 13, 2014
They really are Perfect! I adore these jeans... they are cut like leggings so they are super slim to the leg (including ankle, hooray!), but they are a lot thicker than your typical "jegging." Basically, they are the ideal super skinny jean! They are extremely comfortable, too, thanks to the stretch. I was bummed at first that they are not available in low rise, but I guess I have to get with the times... the mid rise are actually great, and hug my hips perfectly. I am a new convert to Express jeans, but I would call these true to size since I bought a non-legging style a few weeks ago from Express and wear the same size in both. The only downside right now is the limited color selection, I would LOVE to have these in black! (and gray, too...) September 15, 2014
Not the perfect one! This legging run smalll in the thigh area. Also the length is a little shorter compare to their regular legging. The quality of the legging is very nice. September 3, 2014
PERFECT JEGGINGS!!! I loooooove these jean leggings. I have a few other pairs of the Mia fit jean leggings and they do not compare to these Perfect Denim Jean Leggings. They are very thick and shape your booty, which my hubby likes of course ;-) so it was ok that I spent a little extra on jeans that I knew would last and look fabulous each time I wore them. August 20, 2014
Perfect is an understatement! These jeans really are perfect. They remind me of the extreme stretch jean legging, BUT they are not as soft and much thicker (and thus less likely to rip). I think they run somewhat long. I usually can get regular or short and both work pretty good. I often buy both for different looks, For these jeans, I can only wear short. Aside from length these are pretty awesome! They are a little pricey so wait for a sale! August 17, 2014
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