PERFECT for the holidays! I recently purchased this vest (and matching pants) for my husband. He has other brands of 3-peice suits and NONE of those vests have a cut that really looks well without the jacket. THIS vest works perfectly for both the 3-peice suit AND for a casual night out. The vest fits well, did not need any tailoring and holds up well. Certainly worth the price and will be buying more colors. December 3, 2013
A Stylish Gentlemen's Vest..... I recently bought this vest to complete my 3-piece suit, and I gotta say, this is Now the most Fly suit I own!! The vest is Great quality and fits perfect... well if I lost some belly it would fit better, but thats not Express' fault haha! I love the color, it has a sheen to it that definately makes you stand out. THIS SUIT will set you apart!! If you want a suit that demands attention, this is a Must Have for your suit wardrobe. The backing on this vest is pretty sleek too. Wear it as a 3-piece, or just with the matching pants and roled up sleeves, OR 3piece w/no tie.. either way, you can't go wrong. May 31, 2013
Very Nice Bought this for a job interview and a Small fits my 155 lb, 5'11" body. I honestly didn't try on an XS since the S felt fine. You have to take in consideration wearing a LS button up, possible under shirt and then possible tie under it–need some space. The back clasp is a little cumbersome and is probably just for looks but could be adjusted by a patient hand. Would have been nice if the pockets were open–all four (top two, bottom two) are sewn shut. I think the top two could be opened by cutting the stitching. Through the inside lining it feels like there are pockets inside. The bottoms do not feel this way. April 20, 2013
Purchased for a wedding Fits and looks great! I will be wearing this along with the rest of the suit to a wedding, but I also look forward to wearing it to work! January 23, 2013
Very Nice Purchase! Bought this vest on impulse, and I am SOOO happy I did! Fits great and looks amazing! January 5, 2013