Almost perfect! I absolutely love the color, pattern, and look. It fits awesomely. My wife thinks I look super sexy in it and I've already received compliments. Being this is the Photographer line, it's slim fit. 38R Fits me like a glove (5'9" 165lbs) and truly looks tailored to my body. My ONLY issue is that I wish the material had more elastane in it for stretch. I also have the black stretch wool suit which is all-around PERFECT and the stretchiness makes it comfortable to move around in. With this jacket however, I can barely bend down to touch my toes without feeling something is going to rip. I can also barely wrap my arms around my myself it's that tight. It's not a matter of it being the wrong size, it's just a combination of the cut and material. I tried 40R on in the store and it looked just a tad too big and still was tight. So maneuverability-wise, this jacket is a bit stiff even though it looks awesome in terms of fit. I can make-do, I just have to be careful not to overstretch due to fear of it ripping. September 16, 2014