i bought this item blindly online but it turns out that everywhere i go people love my smell. great gamble ! December 23, 2014
Husband uses this My husband has been using this body spray for a long time and I never get tired of the smell. It smell great! December 22, 2014
GREAT PRODUCT I really like the smell. I am used to Old Spice body sprays; and this body spray is just great. sharp toned smell and lasts long. June 10, 2014
Great body spray My boyfriend wasn't too sure about this, but once he got it he loved it! Now its almost running out, almost time for a new one. I recommend! April 23, 2013
As great as the Fragance I had my doubts in the body spray because, once you spray it on you they don't stay for too long, and i was glad this was not the case on the Loyalty body spray. Have one at my house and one in every bag I own, One can never leave without smelling great. March 31, 2013