Nice Shirt I really like this shirt. I had to buy a large to fit my bust, and so the arms would be long enough (usually I am not able to button the wrists of most dress shirts, because the arms are too short and the wrist buttons hit about mid forearm). However, the waist is a little big and the arm holes are very large--I plan to have these areas tailored for about $15-which will make this shirt perfect. The material is thick enough that I don't feel 'exposed' (i.e., men can't see the entire outline of my bra in this shirt, which sometimes happens with light colored shirts even if i wear a camisole underneath) and the soft pink pinstripe is classic. I have no interest in using the 'cheetah print' on this shirt, but don't find it to be offensive, since I can roll up my sleeves further to avoid the exposed fabric and keep the collar down. Overall, a nice buy and for a few extra dollars worth of tailoring it will fit perfectly. I am 27 and still not ready to switch over to banana republic or ann taylor priced clothing (paying off those student loans!), but do want a professional looking wardrobe that is not too tight or too sexy (for my male dominated profession), and this shirt fits the bill. January 24, 2014