Almost Great... Tried this on as a potential NYE dress, especially since it was in all the recent print ads. The back is STUNNING, total showstopper. However the front is a little unflattering/frumpy, and I wish the bust area had some padding. I tried on the Medium, but it was a little roomy, so I wished this was sized-out instead since I don't know that I would have fit into a small. I think with a couple improvements I would have bought it. December 27, 2013
Absolutely beautiful! It fits perfect and is so comfortable, can't wait to wear it to my Gatsby themed New Year's Eve party! December 24, 2013
Love it! Love this dress! Beautiful lace! Great fit! Can't wait to wear! December 22, 2013
A Stunner I looked at this dress many times and I never thought I would buy it. I thought it was too much for me and I couldn't pull it off but I always wanted to try it on for fun. I tired it on and it was amazing! I loved it! but the sleeves are somewhat longer for me doesn't exactly just stop at the wrist. If the bra is a problem the answer is sticky bras! which are basically just silicone padding that sticks to you and works like a bra. December 21, 2013
Smallest arm holes for x-small I saw this dress online and immediately wanted this. However after reading the reviews I wanted to double check on the sleeve issue. I normally wear an xs and tried this on however it was a huge issue to get my hands through the arm hole - it is extremely tight. It fit everywhere else and when I tried the small on it was too large everywhere except the arms. I compared all of the dresses in the store and the small, mediums, and larges all had the same normal sized arm holes but for some reason with this dress all of the xs arms were child sized. Extremely disappointed as the dress fit perfectly everywhere and even now I still want it because it is so gorgeous. If you wear anything but xs it is perfect. December 18, 2013