Athletic legs, and posterior. Express boxer briefs are the only briefs I've ever found that actually fit me correctly. I'm fairly athletic, and it shows in my thighs, and butt. These briefs actually fit true to size, and wrap around like they were custom tailored for me. Even on sale I felt a little sticker shock when I made my first purchase. Since then I've spent nearly $200 (also on sale) replacing all of my underwear with these. February 15, 2013
Amazing Underwear I have to give props to Express, these underwear are awesome. The fit is very good, shapes your figure well, but it's not restrictive. Price is good though (especially since they are often on sale). February 14, 2013
Great Product I live these underwear they fit great and they look good!!! January 13, 2013
Awesome underwear! Best underwear ever! Only get them when there are deals though. December 28, 2012
For the love of heather... I'm not a fan of heather (marble-textured) shirts and bottoms, but I have a strong liking for heather undergarments. These are definitely true to size, so whatever your actual size is, order it. Take note that these are TRUNKS (boxer-briefs without a fly) and not boxers, so they are not meant to be loose. I haven't noticed any shrinkage (warm/cold wash, cold rinse and tumble dried for an hour) and like in the pictures, they stop just above mid-thigh, slightly below where a standard pair of trunks or boxer-briefs would stop. Enjoy! December 17, 2012