KNIT BLAZER 4.8 5 12 12
Love it! I wear this blazer to work, to smart casual evenings during weekends with loafers and chinos. looks stylish with any pants. June 12, 2014
Clean with Style I recently purchased this blazer it took me two failed attempts at the size to get it right. Nice looking bazer to pair with jeans and some hard bottoms. However shipping was terrible I ordered the blazer on Sunday and it shipped out first thing Monday via Fedex. So far so good, but as soon as the package arrived at my state fedex handed it over to the local post office for deliver. Next time I hope they keep it Fedex all the way. June 11, 2014
Awesome Look I wear this blazer to work with jeans and an MX shirt and it looks and feels great. The material is soft and flexible and moves with you rather than bunching up and being too stiff. Definitely would recommend it to others. May 17, 2014
Well constructed A very well constructed blazer and a staple to your wardrobe. Love the way how you can dress this up or dress it down. April 23, 2014
Great Blazer! I really like this blazer, especially for the dotted detail in the jacket lining! Would highly recommend. March 27, 2014