Completely wrong wash & color I gave these jeans a 1-star rating because the item's color and wash are completely different than its online presentation. As it says on the website, the color is "medium," the picture does not show any light-wash, and the stiches are brown. The jeans I received have light-wash on multiple parts, the color is ocean blue, and the stiches are complete white. The size, cut, and tag numbers all match, however. I tried but failed to locate the wrong jeans on the website; then it showed up as the item I am writing this review for. This item is being returned although the fit is great. I wish I had received the exact item as pictured on the website... September 21, 2014
Wrong Jeans I just received my order today and when I saw the jeans, my immediate reaction was they aren't the jeans I ordered. When I ordered them, there was only one wash shown in the pictures, the darker one. Viewing the site now, there is a lighter colored wash which is what I received. But this is not what I ordered. And there also isn't a way to choose between the 2 washes, only 1 wash is an option. I love Express and shop here all the time but I'm disappointed because I feel duped. There's nothing wrong with the jeans as they are nice, just not what was presented to me on the site and not what I ordered. The jeans posted are misleading. If it's an error then it should be corrected, but if the darker wash is an option then it should become available. Needless to say I will be returning them and hoping they have the darker wash. My 1 star rating is a reflection of my disappointment and not with the actual jeans. I would recommend them. September 5, 2014
These look and fit great but the only problem I have with these is that the back pockets seem a little too large for the jeans themselves August 10, 2014