Looks great but isn't very versatile Pros: Looks very cool, fits great on slim guys (e.g. the 38R fits me perfectly at 5'11", 135 lbs). Cons: Doesn't pair well with denim, khaki, or dress slacks, IMO. Stick with grey or white chinos. May 23, 2014
Great looking jacket. The only downside is the chest area is too big so the lapel will bulge out if you don't have a huge chest. It can't be tailored, so I'll be returning this item soon. April 22, 2014
Too big ;( this is a bad jacket for people who are skinny... i cant fit. March 28, 2014
Will Love It I happened to see the blazer online in the new arrival section. Ran to a local Express store. Couldn't resist trying it on. I bought it immediately. It fits so perfect. March 11, 2014
Great Blazer! Many Compliments! Sizing Notes Also I happened to see the blazer (which I think is technically a sport coat) in a local Express store. Couldn't resist trying it on. I knew I had to have one. PROS: Excellent color, contains Spandex, lining is nice/comfortable, front pocket can mimic a pocket square if you pull out the pocket lining. In general a comfortable sport coat, and feels like quality build. My tailor commented that he liked the fabric style. CONS: (SIZING) As these are Photographer cut coats, they can be tight on an athletic build like mine. But so are a lot of "slim fit" sport coats I've tried. Normally I would wear a 42L in many other brands; however the sleeves of the 42R were of sufficient length, although the coat was tight near the arm holes & chest. My solution was to purchase a 44R and had it custom tailored. The result is great, although minimal tightness can be felt near the arm holes. Don't forget that the coat will become slightly more comfortable after breaking in the fabric. Also, I would recommend purchasing a pocket square instead of only using the front pocket lining. The lining seems to move around when I took off the jacket & under other conditions. Very nice sport coat...different than the boring ones other guys have...get one! January 14, 2014