My GoTo sweater This was a gift from my "friend" Nick and I absolutely LOVE it. My cardigan is gray and I would love to have it in multiple colors. I wear it whenever I can. Of course I try to change it up if I am going to see the same people on back to back days. I am a petit male and I find it difficult to buy clothing that fits me well . This cardigan fits me perfectly and hugs my torso. My favorite outfit is my skinny jeans a pink button down shirt, my GOTO cardigan, and a pair of suede buck shoes. Buy with confidence. You'll not regret this item. -Cheers March 18, 2014
Perfect on a casual day So I found this and tried it on and said I had to get this the fit was so perfect and fit a bit tight just the way I like it and on a day of a date was just nice I had eyes all over me and the fragrance of express was just perfect great day and a day to remember. February 1, 2014