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Suit Sleeves are very baggy I have purchased several suits from Express and have always been satisfied with the fit. However, this suit is made from a very thin, cheap feeling material and the sleeves are very baggy. It does not feel like a "fitted" fit. December 14, 2013
Has to be an amazing product They never have my size anywhere! Tried it on at a store one day and I should have bought it then but I didn't and I am paying for it now. December 9, 2013
Love it I love everything about this suit. The fit is great and the style and colors are great! Always get compliments on this one! December 6, 2013
Very good I like what I got, perfect for wearing the whole suit and just over jeans November 20, 2013
Love it! This is my second suit from Express, my first is a producer dark gray pinstripe wool blend, but I've already used it too much (given I never wear suits). I got both of them on sale which makes it even better. This suit looks awesome and it's probably on sale because people are afraid of the windowpane. I think it looks incredible, the fit is well the #1 reason I buy at Express and buying it at over 50% discount I just couldn't resist and I'm glad I didn't. October 25, 2013