Cute and Catchy I bought this top when I saw it on the hanger as display. It was adorable and I just had to buy it because I feel like there are no similar tops to it. I'm 4'11 and weigh about 105 pounds. I bought it in Small. Runs a little big but it fits. I love the comfyness and its great to wear to about any occasion! October 15, 2014
Love this Shirt I am not your typical size!!! I usually wear a large, but not in this shirt. I am busty and this shirt was too big under the arm pits in a large so I opt for the medium and love it. Wore with shorts, capris, and a skirt. Also looks great with some high top converse too June 23, 2014
Nice muscle tee. I saw this on an employee while I was in express and had to have. So I waited until I had some rewards to purchase. Very nice shirt , love the "out of your league" saying. One of my favorite graphic tees. Will wear a cami or tank underneath it due to it is kind of shear like a lot of express tops/shirts are now. June 15, 2014
ADORABLE FOR SUMMER...but faulty So, this top has to be iconic for us Express girls. Women's vs. Men's graphic tee's vary greatly in that mens graphic tee's contain more "graphic" content e.i Inspiring/positive slogans or target statements like "at the top of my game", or "iconic" whereas our tee's are girly and plain enough that I can purchase my 9 and 11 year old nieces in an XS. In addition to this year having some less than impressing graphic tee;s for women reading "slacker" and "I had a late night". So this brings me to why I LOVE THIS SHIRT. Empowering and cute t-shirt for us gals. Moving on from my rant, for this tee to fit BUT I had to go up a size. It is afterall a muscle tee. In my true to size, size - It fit weird around the armpit and the overall look wasn't as nice until I went up a size but then it looked slight big which once paired with my blazer (or denim jacket/vest) was perf! June 7, 2014