Very Pretty, but falls off easily I wore this bracelet out and my friends kept saying how much they loved it. But they also kept finding it on the floor and giving it back...until halfway through the night when I lost it and no one noticed. It was beautiful for the few hours I was able to keep it on. I do not recommend this bracelet, unless you super glue it on... January 6, 2015
Beautiful but flawed. As other have stated, the constructed leaves a lot to be desired. I wore it for a whole day and it popped off once, but I changing clothes. I did go through a lot at the store to find one that seemed the most sturdy. Why did I go through the trouble? It's absolutely beautiful! It looks much prettier in person than it does in pictures. November 1, 2014
Bought this a couple days ago in-store. Really love the look of this bracelet...super cute. I did have to pick through a couple though to get one that closed tight. Worn it a few times & it's doing good. October 10, 2014
Super-cute but, as other reviewer stated, it does have a tendency to pop open. No other issues with quality of construction, as it is pretty and looks well-made. Little large on my wrist, but my wrists are very small, anyway. December 7, 2013
so cute but terrible quality.... I love the look of this bracelet, however I can not wear it because it pops open and falls off my wrist every 5 minutes. The part that goes through the whole is too small so it wont stay latched. Also in all the places where the metal is fused together looks awful, poor construction. November 1, 2013