Not my favorite and too big. Probably my fault for not reading the reviews, but I have a number of other Express suits and figured they would all be cut to the same size. Wrong... fabric is nice though, not my favorite pattern. The pants fit awesome though, however I am going to have to have the jacket slimmed in the chest, a button taken off and moved because there is no room to shorten the length with out removing a button and moving it to the top, then having it shorten. I base my rating on the quality and look, and the fact there is no room to size the sleeves without moving a button. I do realise the size thing was mostly my fault so I did not include that in my rating. If this is the style jacket and you dont mind some tailoring I would still recommend this and like I said the pants fit was better than any other express pants I have ordered. December 22, 2013
The best fit suit I ever had I really like this suit it fits you the best and it is very comfortable. The fabric is very soft and lovely so I recommend this suit for any suit lovers. Thanks for reading my review. December 18, 2013
Classic English suit Please, do not be discouraged but this suit. It looks extremely good. Classic English suit in modern wear. Highly recommend. (note: for a man 6'3', slender, 42L worked great). December 17, 2013
Jacket is well made, and the purplish pink lining is a nice touch. I love glen plaid suits, so I couldn't pass this one up at 50% off. As other reviewers stated, this particular photographer jacket runs a little big for whatever reason. I highly recommend sizing down at least 1 size. I wear a 38R in the 4 other express suits I own, but had to get a 36R to obtain the same fit. The 38R seemed to fit more like a 40R. Other than the sizing issue, you can't go wrong with this jacket. It almost looks identical to a suit that Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears in one of GQ magazine's photo shoots, which made me want it even more. I plan on wearing this a lot during the winter months. But anyways, more of the story is size down, that way you don't have to deal with returns and exchanges. December 12, 2013
The fabric and material is just awesome. I was skeptical to get this product initially, but an associate at the mall suggested that I try it and it turned out better than I expected. December 8, 2013