ideal-sized wristlet This item is bigger than your average "wristlet," yet smaller than a normal clutch-sized purse. The main material is quite shimmery, but nice feel it adds a little flair to any basic outfit. I wouldn't mind using it as a casual, day-to-day item; although, it works as an evening accessory, as well. I just received it and have not used it yet...BUT the real selling point for me was the fact that it had multiple pockets/compartments, as I do love being able to keep organized, while at the same time keeping within the minimalist purse option of a wristlet. For example, smallest outer pocket for phone...middle pocket for ID, cash & cards, lip gloss, etc....and main compartment for keys, lotion, and/or other makeup items. Can't go wrong with that! August 27, 2012
Perfect Wristlet for Everything! I was surprised at the size of this wristlet. I'm used to seeing small sizes that can't hold much of anything. This wristlet is amazing: not too small or too large. To give you an idea, I use the front pocket for keys, middle for my Android phone, and the main compartment for my ID/card holder and whatever "necessities" I may need (makeup, perfume, and even a travel sized deodorant). Very good quality. This wristlet will not disappoint! September 1, 2013
BEST GIFT TO GIVE SOMEONE! My mom and I went to express to find my friend a birthday gift. We wanted something inexpensive and nice. We had the coupon of $15 off $30 so we paid about $15 for the wristlet. Honestly its practical, cute, well made and it was inexpensive. July 12, 2013
Cute and Convenient! I love the size of this wristlet. It is bigger than most but is still small enough to carry around. The two zip pockets in the front are very convenient! June 4, 2013
Perfect wristlet! This is the perfect wristlet. Front zip pocket holds my smartphone and then 2 other zip pockets for other necessities. Love it! May 4, 2013