Eh The last two pairs of these kinds of yoga pants that I bought were a small (i have almost no butt). Much to my surprise, esspcially since everything else I purchased is true to size, they were too big. i weigh about 130, so there was no way that I would have thought to order and XS, esspecially since I'm a small in everything else at the store. Plus, they get holes in them rather easy :/ July 15, 2013
Love love love! These are fantastic. The size regarding the waist ran true for me, although they were a little long. July 2, 2013
**UPDATE** on "do not miss these" review So I left a review for these yoga pants after I bought 10 pairs anticipating that they would be the same as the yoga pants I bought from them in the past before they discontinued them. To my dismay, I was completely wrong. The pants are poorly made, I can barely turn or move without the pants being completely see through because the fabric is now so thin. The length has also gotten longer which is annoying for a short person 5'2". I bought the Mediums in the exexact same style as I did before. Just beware they are not the same. I could never actually wear these to yoga, I'd be completely exposed. So bummed the quality declined so much, they used to be amazing. May 15, 2013
Great yoga pant A bit long but nice quality and fits true to size. May 9, 2013
Do not miss these!!! I just bought 10 pairs out of fear that they will pull these again. They are far superior to Victoria Secrets yoga pants. Last much longer! Aren't see-through. I am so in love with these pants. Have been wearing them for a long time. May 9, 2013