Flattering, but run large I was so happy to see Express bring back their yoga pants! I'm 5'5" and 135lb, and I purchased a Small, which hits me mid calf, just like the photo of the model. These pants are definitely "roomy" in the waist, so if you like to wear them for cardio workouts, you should probably size down. I did my first Cardio Kick workout in the Small size pants and I did have to pull the pants up a couple of times, but it wasn't too annoyingly frequent (I have not tried running in them yet, though). I do have bigger thighs (EXPRESS size 8 jeggings are loose on my waist but tight on my thighs, if that helps) and I still had plenty of room in the Small size in that area. I did notice that this version of the yoga pants is a thicker, stiffer material-definitely not "soft, cozy cotton," and did not appear to be super-breathable (of course, I was doing Cardio Kick, so that involves a lot of sweating anyways). I would still definitely recoomend these pants because they're super cute and comfortably stretchy and I did not get super obnoxious panty lines. I bought 2 pairs of these pants in the cropped length and 2 pairs in the full length. May 22, 2013
Perfect Yoga pants are extremely comfy, doesn't loose color in wash. Great for working out or hanging out! May 6, 2013