I Love This Shirt I love this shirt. It fits perfect. I had my hair highlighted and I was wearing this shirt and bleach got on it. Oh man, was I ticked. I have been checking since Christmas to see if they come out with it again so I can re-order it! Now I see they have but available only in XXS??? I bought this shirt and a ton of others from the 2012 Christmas Graphic Tee line with all the cities, Amsterdam, Chicago. I bought more of that product line then I have in 3 years. I bought the CHIC-ago graphic tee too, my hometown. That was ruined too, man I am still bummed. I loved that shirt. It has an awesome picture of a chic on it. I don't usually go through shirts like that! Especially ones that I like. Please launch your 2012 Graphic Tee product line again so I can stock up! August 4, 2013
Good shirt I actually i have this shirt and it fits right on me November 4, 2012