Small step down from a custom made shirt Have a closet full...don't wear anything else shirt wise. Works with jeans, trousers, khakis and especially suits. I dry clean them so they keep their form. August 20, 2014
Best Fit Nice and tight fitting. Nothing fits better. I have 6 of these shirts and they're perfect to dress up or dress down. August 20, 2014
Great fitting shirts Nice colors, Fits great but the only down side is that it wrinkles easily.... August 19, 2014
Great button-down! Highly recommended! Introduced to these by a well-dressed friend. Its amazing how a properly-fitting shirt can give you that little boost in confidence. One warning - DO NOT DRY in the dryer! Although there is some elastic in the fabric, the cut is so tailored that there is no tolerance for shrinkage. If you wash, wash on cold (gentle cycle) and line dry; otherwise dry clean. August 11, 2014
This is a good dress shirt to buy if you work at a professional setting or to go out to a nice restaurant. August 2, 2014