Best Shirt Ever This is the only shirts i buy for my Boyfriend, they are perfect. December 1, 2014
My name is victor I buy clothes. Express because since the first time I bought mi first suit I love November 30, 2014
Wonderful shirt, fits well, perfect shirt for any occasion! Perfect for work, going out on the town, or just wearing casually. 1MX shirts are the perfect shirt, I would recommend to anyone. November 29, 2014
Very thin I can get into most brands extra or super slim shirts no problem, but these shirts are very small, its awesome that the Fitted ones are perfect ( until i eat) around my body. For sanity's sake, I recommend dry cleaning only and be sure to remove the collar stays I ruined my bottle blue shirt by putting it in the dryer and sending it to the cleaners, metal burning the shirt. Express shirts come in a variety of bright and staple colors that can make you pop at work or in public. pricey, but when one wears and cares for these shirts correctly, you'll wear them for a long time. The ONLY major downside is that they don't do well in the wash at all and wrinkle like nothing. add that to my short arms, and i have to roll the sleeve up just to keep its sharp look. 9/10 November 28, 2014
Very comfortable This is my new Fitted 1MX stretch cotton shirt. I felt like it doesn't wrinkle as much as the regular cotton. It does take a little bit of patient to iron the shirt unless you have dry cleaner to do it for you. It does run a little loose compare to the extra slim shirt. It's more for relax fit on casual wear, party, and very hip for business wear. If you are slim, tall and have six packs, go for the extra slim. I got a collection of different colors for extra slim fit on regular cotton. This will be my new type materials to go. November 28, 2014
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