not very happy I don't know if they changed their sizing but we have bough the same size for years. Recently we bough another and it fits big when compared to the others he has. March 4, 2015
STANDOUT FROM THE CROWD!!! Great Shirt/Fit... Combined with the Navy Micro Twill Producer Suit. I just wish Express catered more for the 6 footers, and by that I mean more options in terms of the Tall options. I am 6'4 by the way. While you do get dress pants in length 36, you definitely cant find a pair of jeans in that size. Please.... EXPRESS!!! Help us 6 footers EXPRESS ourselves as your models do. A FAN!!! February 28, 2015
Great stylish shirt Ever want to refine how you wear solid shirts this is the way to do it. Wear with a slim cut suit and some cufflinks and you're sure to be noticed over the guy with the barrel cuffs. It will wrinkle a bit though. I originally bought the Extra Slim but I think the Fitted XS will be a better fit. February 28, 2015
Perfect Because my neck measure 16.5 I usually have to take my dress shirts to a tailor to remove the extra material away from the chest, waist, and arms of the shirt. Express's 1MX Fitted shirt fits perfect and extremely comfortable. Highly recommend. January 19, 2015
Color was lost. The fit and overall quality of the shirt is perfect. However, the first time I washed it (following all directions provided like I do all my other 1MX shirts) there were spots on the shirt that turned white. Now of course I thought somehow my machine had gotten bleach in it, but no other shirt I had in the washer had these spots...and I have never had a problem like this before with any other Express shirt. Hopefully it was just a fluke with this one shirt. It will not affect me buying more shirts from Express. I have had good experiences until this one and I am sure it was a simple stroke of bad luck like any other clothing company has. December 11, 2014
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