Overall satisfied I am satisfied with this shirt. Its a great dress shirt and I love the variety in colors and sizes. But, I prefer to go with this Fitted one instead of the Extra Slim or Moderate one. It fits great just a little big in length but its still good. June 1, 2013
Club Collar is so smooth I've loved Express shirting for some time -- they make the only shirt I've ever found that actually fits my tall, skinny frame. The club collar is excellent -- a little throwback style mixed with the reliably perfect fit. I especially like the short length of the collar, also perfect for my body type. Makes me want to run out and buy a collar bar. The sleeves are nice and long, too. Perfect when paired with a crisp, slim-fit wool three-piece suit. Only downside is that they wrinkle so so so easily...but five minutes on a steamer takes care of that pretty soundly. A superb addition to a stunning shirting design. February 22, 2013