Awesome Multi Use Great shirt to wear to the office, comfortable well fitted and works great to take off the tie un-tuck it and go out after work is definitely a good business casual after work shirt too October 2, 2014
My go to dress shirts! I love the way these shirts fit and all the colors and designs they come in! August 9, 2014
I love these shirts. I usually buy modern or fitted. June 7, 2014
Great Shirts These shirts come in awesome colors and are available in a size to make anyone look good. If you have a little extra puff around your midsection, go with the Modern Fit of whatever size you are. After washing it'll be just the right size. If you're cut and toned, get the fitted. I have a few of each, finding that the fitted ones - after washing - tend to be a little snug around my midsection after a large meal. Express makes cool ties that match all of these shirt colors, too - so if you have to wear a shirt and tie to the office, you can make some cool combos. May 10, 2014
Perfection! Their slogan speaks the truth, this shirts are with no doubt America's best fitting shirts. April 22, 2014