Awesome shirt! I love these shirts. Love the style but more importantly, the fit is perfect September 19, 2013
Excellent! The bold colors make this a great option around the office! September 11, 2013
Very nice shirt I just bought this shirt and I'm in love with it. The ladies find it attractive haha. If your trying to look good this one is for you! September 3, 2013
Great shirt Love wearing this shirt with some jeans and cowboy boots!!! August 29, 2013
Great fit for a slim waist If you are irritated by baggy dress shirts that need retucking constantly, this is for you. You also need to be a petite guy. I'm relatively thin (could lose a couple but anyone would argue I don't need it) and I have a 30-32 or so waist, depending on where I shop. These shirts at first seemed very tight, but I think that was before I dropped 5 or so pounds after my last final. These shirts are great if you are the right size. They are fitted perfectly, and rarely need retucking, they look good in professional setting and in a casual one. Some guys who are "macho" may think it looks tight on you but that's just because most men don't know what a well-fitting shirt looks like. I have 3 of these now and they get great reviews from co-workers and ladies alike. August 27, 2013