Cute & Comfy Conversation Top Got this shirt and absolutely love it. So soft & comfy and cute! I get lots of compliments on it and other times I get a lot of glares at it. It's a nice conversation starter. May 15, 2014
Comfy I love this Tshirt. It's comfortable and cute with leggings. Got a lot of compliments on it! May 13, 2014
So soft This t-shirt is so soft and comfortable. I bought it because anytime I see WTF I think of a friend's mom thinking it stood for "Well that's Fantastic". LOL! I took off one star because, like the other reviewer mentioned, the text is not centered. April 3, 2014
Super comfortable This shirt is super comfy and would probably be my new favorite shirt if it wasn't for thee fact that the letters are off center. Instead of the "T" being in the center, the space between the "W" and the "T" is in the center. Minor issue, but has me constantly trying to straighten it even though it doesn't need it. March 13, 2014