Great versatile pants Love this pants. Got them for work but also great for going out! Very comfortable and looks great. March 8, 2014
Best Pants I've EVER Purchased I have been wearing Express pants to work for many years. I've grown tired of their cotton pants. When you wash them, they fade and they shrink. Also, after several washes, they look "worn" in my opinion, and not very professional. They wrinkle badly too. Now enter the “MINI STRIPE PHOTOGRAPHER DRESS PANT”! These pants are NOT made of cotton or wool. They are made of 100% synthetics (Polyester/Rayon/Lycra spandex#. The website says “Dry clean only” but the tag inside the pants says “machine wash tumble dry low”. Perfect!!! They do NOT shrink. They do NOT fade. They wash well. And they don’t wrinkle as badly as the cotton pants do. They look very professional. The mini-stripe adds character to these pants and they look sharp! However, these pants are not too dressy. In other words, I wear pants and a polo shirt to work every day. I want my pants to look sharp and professional, but not look like suit pants #because suit pants and a polo would not look right#. These pants look more professional than the photographer cotton pants, but not quite as dressy as suit pants. Therefore, they are perfect #in my opinion#. I own three pair and I am about to purchase a week’s worth as soon as my size comes back in stock. My only gripe is that Express only makes these pants in only one color #black# and that these are the only pants #to my knowledge# that Express makes with these materials #Polyester/Rayon/Lycra spandex). I truly wish they would come out with an entire line of dress pants made of these materials. February 13, 2014