great clutch This versatile clutch is essentially a slightly smaller, modernized portfolio bag. It's divided into two halves by a narrow pocket that runs the length of the purse. It also has a large zippered compartment in the back that runs the length that my iPad easily fits into (with case). It comes with both a wrist strap and an over the shoulder strap. The bag doesn't have a lot of form to it, so too much weight makes the sides pull up on the shoulder strap sides, but of course you then could carry it as a clutch. I have this in the black, too, and use them when I go to the studio. July 3, 2014
In Love!! I love this clutch. Purchased to go woth a pair of boots. The combo together was awesome. Clutch has space to slide in my macbook air, also the necessasities. Wore out on the town on Saturday and everyone loved it!. March 3, 2014