Sharp looking blazer, fits like photographer cut If you've tried other photographer cut suits jackets or blazers, you have a feel for how this will it. The pattern is very sharp while staying coherent by sticking to the blue/gray tones. Of note, since Express doesn't always do this - the partially lined aspect means the inner lining only goes about a quarter of the way in the back center, and tapers to the sides. This means you get more airflow then with a fully lined jacket - great for warm weather! It's cotton so it'll wrinkle faster than wool, but that can be a great character adding feature as well. Tip - the button hole on the lapel is a functional button, but isn't opened off the rack. If you have a seam-ripper handy, or know someone that has one, you can open the button and use it to put cufflinks, flowers, or whatever you want to make your jacket that much cooler. June 13, 2013
Sweet Plaid Love the Photographer line in pants and jackets. As usual, the jackets are fitted and do run snug. Great casual jacket to throw some flavor with jeans or chinos. April 30, 2013