Well, it's very large. much larger than expected. The studs are about the size of a quarter. Clearly was not expecting this. Also it's a little baggy too. sorta rolls around on my wrist. I can't say that I'm surprised by this considering i have extremely small wrists and this issue is basically a given for me with any sort of bracelet. Another thing, i thought the bracelet was all silver. It's not. It literally goes: silver,white,silver. Honestly it's a little cheap looking. But hey it was very cheap, considering i got it on sale plus used my reward. So no i won't be returning because with price like that, i may as well keep it. And the gawdyness of this, is perfection for the holiday season. Cheers! November 25, 2014
its a rubber band ! i didnt really like because it looks and feels cheap. I dislike it when express makes these types of bracelets. they feel cheap and then they sell them at expensive prices. February 14, 2014
perfect bracelet I love this bracelet. Goes with so many differnt outfits. I am very happy with the purchase. July 1, 2013
Beautiful Piece! Love this bracelet so much that I had to buy it in two colors. Definitely a piece that stands out. May 9, 2013