great purchase I purchased these socks for myself and they are very comfortable for me, I just love them, I would refer them to a friend and purchase more for myself. December 26, 2013
Favorite Socks, Hands Down These socks are fantastic! Super comfortable and great for sliding around on the tile in your house. Definitely recommend! December 26, 2013
So Comfortable These were recommended to me so I snagged a set of three. They are some of the most comfortable socks I've worn and I'll be getting more. Dang these feel good on my feet!!! December 13, 2013
Soft and comfortable, but keep it in your shoes. I had been looking at these socks ever since I realized how soft they were in the store, and I finally bought some to push me over a sale. When I got home I was excited to put them on only to be shocked to find every loose carpet fiber and blades of grass my dog brought in the house were all attached to the bottom of my foot. So from now on they're staying directly in my shoes. Good as an athletic sock. August 11, 2013
Nice Socks I bought these socks to push me over some sale they were running, and I am pleasantly surprised. The socks are extremely soft and comfortable, but as the other reviews state they pick up lots of lint, rug fibers, etc. March 28, 2013