cute but not well made i reviewed this top before but had to come back to give and update. i bought this top in all three colors, they are cute, but the designs fell out just by trying it on. i had exchanged it in the store after the designs fell off the first one, but to my dismay it started to fall out on the new one. it just does not worth the buy September 11, 2014
Sequin problem resolved! love this top! sequins are actually super sparkly! the only problem is the can fall of! I actually found a solution to that problem. Avoid machine washing and spray a tiny bit of hairspray on the inside threads to prevent them from coming loose! I haven't had any problems since and I wear it all the time. It really lets you move around! I love it so much! September 4, 2014
beading fell off FAST The beading fell off in the first 30 mins of wearing it. I wore it to brunch and by the time we arrived at the restaurant so many pieces had fallen off. It comes with extra beading but after wearing it for a cpl of hours it was not even worth it. August 29, 2014
Super Cute! Super cute top fits right and goes perfect with a casual outfit. August 18, 2014
not worth it i bought this top in both the red and white. the length is between a regular cami and a crop top. i wore the red one for no more than a half hour and most of the beading was falling off and there were stray threads all over. i will be returning the white one asap August 13, 2014