cool design I bought this shirt specifically for a concert. Paired with a leather bomber jacket, skinny jeans and black sneaker wedges. Looked awesome. The fabric is thin so I'm not sure how it will wash, but its not something I will wear often so I'm not too worried. I'm happy with this purchase however I bought this when it was 30 percent off, I wouldn't have paid full price. February 20, 2013
Too delicate, NOT machine washable When I tried this on I felt instantly glamorous. the light material was super soft and comfy and the design was killer - all eyes on you guaranteed type of pattern that fell just perfectly over the body! i was totally bummed out when I saw just how delicate it was and that it couldn't be machine washed. city girls do not hand wash!! January 1, 2013
very cute. This top is great. I love the shape!!! Looks great with white shorts for summer. Jeans. Dress pants. What I didnt like was the cheap modal. Fabric used. , rayon would have given this top a nicer flow. Modal just sticks to your body and makes clothes look cheap and gets baggy and sloppy looking imo.... if this goes on sale I will probably buy it. Its very cute. .. December 18, 2012