Good shorts but ones from last year are longer I bought a pair of these in white last year, and I love them, so I bought them in oyster this year. I don't know if they were 11" last year, and now only 10" long, but they seem a bit shorter. A minor inconvienence, although I hope they return to 11" next year! They are light, and breathable, and they aren't bulky like most cargo shorts, so they don't make you look like 5lbs heavier. August 10, 2013
Stylish and Good Fitting Shorts These shorts are not too long and come in a variety of colors. They are a bit big on the waist but still a great look. July 12, 2013
Different than last year's I bought 2 pairs of these shorts because I had 2 from last year, but they had worn a hole in the butt. I got the new pairs because they are very comfortable shorts, well fitting and a breathable material. However... 2013's shorts are a full inch shorter than 2012's. I'm not sure why this is. As a result, they aren't as long as I'd like. They are still very comfortable, but the leg ends at the top of my knee; last year's shorts stopped at the bottom of my knee. Minor, but notable. I think the cut is slimmer too, but that's OK because I'm thin and cargo shorts normally make you look huge; these don't. June 25, 2013
Best Cargo Shorts! So usually cargo shorts tend to make you look a little bigger but these cargo shorts actually help keep a slim look! The pockets don't bulge out like other cargo shorts from other brands do. Definitely worth getting! June 6, 2013
Very comfortable I bought them to use while I was on vacation and I loved them. Very comfortable and look great. The fit was great also. The shorts were not too long and not too short. May 20, 2013