Very comfy but... I'll say these socks run true to size as I wear a 13 and they're only slightly too small. Very comfortable to wear, easily the most comfortable pair of socks I've ever worn, plus they're very stylish. However the microfiber material will pick up literally anything, come the end of the day your socks will look like a lint roller. I recommend you only wear these when you have shoes on and not to lounge in them. Also, these socks will snag on anything, I actually damaged one sock just trying to remove them from the package. Overall the pros outweigh the cons as people rarely see me in my socks anyways. February 22, 2013
Awesome Overall, these socks are awesome, but pick up lint. December 12, 2012
Comfortable, Soft, But picks up scrap on floor They're nice and soft socks, I like them, especially the colors. But if you do much walking around with those socks on, it tends to pick up anything like a lint roller. Just because of this I rate them 3 stars. Other thing to note is that when you try to wash the stuff it gathered off, it won't wash off and you would need to manually pick it off. The more you pick it and wash it, the less soft it gets. December 10, 2012
Horrible These are the worst socks I have ever bought. I expected the quality to be great compared to others due to the high price; but as several others have said, they pick up every piece of lint or hair on the floor. They also are not as moisture wicking as claimed, puma socks at a fraction of the price is just as comfortable and does not make my feet sweat like these. Worst purchase ever from express, this is the first time I am highly disappointed with an Express product. November 23, 2012
Super comfy socks These socks are really comfortable go with any casual shoe! November 1, 2012