LOVE! Can wear anywhere! Please make this in more colors and never get rid of it! February 12, 2015
I want more! I absolutely loved this shirt! I am hoping they get restocked in every color! I would buy one of each! You can't go wrong with this shirt! February 12, 2015
Cute, Comfy but don't get used to the fit I absolutely loved this top the until after I washed it. The fit is great & it feels so nice on, but after you wash it, no matter how careful you are, it's going to shrink & the fit is never the same afterwards. As one reviewer said, you can still wear it with jeans, but if you buy it to wear w/leggings you'll be disappointed. February 7, 2015
Great fit! Can dress up or down! Great for every season! Fits true to size! February 5, 2015
How to UNSHRINK this wonderful, Temperamental Top I ordered two of these shirts & thought they were the MOST wonderful tops I could have received! I gratefully wore both of them. ... And then I washed them. ... Hand washed, gently, in cold water; air dried flat & was super excited to wear them again, when must to my chagrin, I put one top on & felt as if I had gained 20 lbs! :( Must be a fluke, I thought, and proceeded to try the other. Double :(( I forged onward through life, always with the memory of the first, most wonderful time that I had worn my new tops. When I returned to check the reviews of this top, my spirit lifted to realize that I was not alone in my shrinkage plight. Next on the agenda --- find a SOLUTION!!! Google is really amazing for this. So, here it is ladies ---- 1) Soak your soft rayon top in about 1 Tbsp of Conditioner (or baby shampoo) in a large bowl for 15 minutes. 2) Remove from the bowl & Squeeze the excess solution out of your garment, but do NOT rinse! 3) Place the top on a large towel, using the towel to press out more water & stretch the top back into its original shape. 4) Allow the top to dry flat on the towel (or a new towel, if the 1st is too wet) & continue to stretch, if it shrinks up again. Rayon is a tightly woven synthetic fabric & is temperamental. The conditioner (or baby shampoo) relaxes these fibers & allows them to return back to their original shape. January 31, 2015
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