"fake" tie, see detailed review to understand So Express bow ties are pre-tied, if you didn't catch that. However, with some of the bow-ties, you can cut the stitching that holds the knot in place and sew together the clipped part of the narrow band, giving you a self-tie bow-tie with approximately the same sizing attachment. I personally enjoy tying bow-ties since it feels refined and it's a fun party trick. There are some bow-ties from Express that are folded material with a thin band wrapped around and sewn in place, and then a neck-band separately sewn on. This is one of those kinds of bow ties, so you CAN NOT undo the not and make this a self tie. Other than that, the material is kind of thick (it *is* velvet) and looks a bit lifeless, but the pattern makes up for it a but. If you aren't picky about your bow-ties, this will all be moot, so just buy it already. It's a velvet-paisley bow tie! January 14, 2014