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Formally Casual GOOD: You can wear it in a formal or casual environment. BAD: Length runs a bit small. The material is too much like a regular pair of khaki's with less give. Stains very easily (even a drop of coffee is very noticeable). Even though it has less give it does not hold a crease very well. One wear after the dry cleaners and its heading right back. OVERALL: I still liked it but could have used more traditional suit material with the same color. It is a bit of a hassle compared to my other suit pants from Express. August 28, 2013
I wish they had longer pant sizes My husband and I went to Express to get the whole suit.The jacket fit very well, and we bought. We also got the pants, but the pants were way too short. I went online, to other Express stores and couldn't find the pant length I needed. I ended up returning it. July 1, 2013
FANTASTIC PANTS!!! These pants are absolutely wonderful! Beautifully designed, very comfortable and relaxing, and they fit just right. I would recommend that you don't buy the same length size as what you wear In jeans because they do look a little "saggy" near your calf and ankle region. I suggest one size smaller for that GQ look. And also you should wear a light colored graphic tee or 1mx pattern shirt BECAUSE of this being a spring/summer outfit. And if you didn't buy the matching jacket, your ok because you can match these pants with any warm neutral color or a high pastel jacket(blue, pink, turquoise, etc) June 8, 2013
smooth summer look i cant say enough about how many ppl loved this outfit i had on at my friends wedding, ty express June 4, 2013
great fit they look great and feel even better. perfect fit for me because i am 6'4 and the 34 length is exactly what i need May 11, 2013