love the pattern, hate the sizing. The way these pants look on the model does not do the pattern justice - you have to check out the close up. I love the way teal and maroon manage to be incorporated to create an overall neutral pant that's not boring. It's unusual, off beat and striking. Kudos to Express for taking a daring leap on this one instead of just sticking a button-back or some buckle details on a pair of slacks that many of us already have. Unfortunately, the biggest downside to this design is the contrasting waistband. The gray color works surprisingly well, but the patterned part of the pants is loose/stretchy while the gray waistband is stretch-less/tight. The patterned portion of these pants end up baggy if I want the waistband to fit, and the waistband is too tight if I want the patterned part to fit. Very disappointing. March 23, 2013
Quirky Design The color contrasting waistline and back welt pockets were daring enough for me, especially since the slacks are a brown-neutral and the contrast is a dark grey. What really made me move these slacks to the far back of my closet is the checker design. Its very geeky and obnoxiously quirky. I reserve these slacks for casual days at work. February 17, 2013
Great for Professional or Everyday Wear I honestly cannot buy enough of the Editor style pants from Express. I have always had trouble finding the exact right fit, where either the pants leg was half an inch or more too short, showing off my ankle in my dress shoes (which I absolutely hate) or too long where they drag. I had always bought the one where they were too long so I could tailor the bottoms myself to the right fit, but this style pants are suitable for professional gatherings and the exact right size for me. However, I should note I am 5'4 and typically get the S sizes. I found out by my mistake on this one, that the S is always a certain length and doesn't change by waist sizes like Petite sizes typically do. So if you have lost a little weight and need a different size, be sure to always get the same S or R or L size when it comes to the pants' length. Just a friendly little warning. Still love these, but had to tailor them to be the right size of the other editor pants I own. Also, the pants pattern is more noticeable in real life than shown in the picture, the close up view is what you will actually get so if you don't like the pattern in close-up, don't get it. February 3, 2013
very comfortable and love the material I am 5 3' and 142lbs was very happy with the fitting December 4, 2012
Great Pants These pants are great. Fit is true and they are so comfortable. Love the color. December 4, 2012