So cute! I don't normally go for shirts with zippers, so I was surprised that I liked the look of them so much on this shirt. I always like express long sleeve shirts- I find it hard finding long sleeve shirts with sleeves that aren't an awkward length, and these shirts fit just right! January 29, 2014
Cute and Classy This shirt is very cute and has a nice pop of color with the black accents. It is quite long - for a short and petite girl, I will always need to wear this tucked in or it will look like a dress on me. But it's a shirt that definitely works tucked in. I'm a fan of this with my skinny jeans and some black pumps. December 7, 2013
So cute but unmanageable I work at Express and I've been meaning to try this top on for a while now. I finally did and while this top is very cute and flattering like the Portofino, the buttons are a nightmare to deal with. First off, they're extremely difficult to button and unbutton because they're so small and round. And second, if the shirt is even slightly strained or pulled, the buttons pop out and your bra is exposed. This also applies to the buttoned strap over the sleeve. If you made a similar looking shirt with normal sturdy buttons, this shirt would be a winner. November 6, 2013