cute sweater jumper I bought this sweater fit and flair jumper for my 20+ daughter on a good sale. I bought it in both black and grey and both colors were fine and they were both accurately represented in the photos online, but we returned the grey one because we thought the black one was more versatile since it was easier to pair with black tights and various color tops. (Also, we don't usually love the color grey that much in general anyway.) Since it was essentially a sleeveless sweater-dress, we thought one needed to wear a shirt underneath or a cardigan on top of the dress, so we evaluated the colors with what else she would wear and we decided to just keep the black one. Also, we liked the sweater dress but we didn't think it was fantastic so we decided to only keep one of them. The material was OK, not fantastic. It seems to run a little small. Usually my daughter is a size small in Express dresses and shirts, she is 5'5" and weighs about 125, and she could fit in either the size medium or small of this dress, but it ran a bit small and short so we kept the size medium which also happened to be the black version. For the great sale price we got, the sweater dress was a nice addition to her wardrobe, but it won't quite reach the favorite category. Again, it is quite short (and she is only 5' 5") and the shortness made it less likely to be worn at the office for a job. It is more of a fun sweater dress with the option of adding an additional color through a shirt worn underneath or a cardigan. Again, as with many of the Express dresses, the dress is short waisted and my daughter will wear it with a belt to make the waist look a little longer and the belt will add an inch or so to the waist length or rise. March 24, 2014